Cindy Kline
The Wishing Well Mystery

The Wishing Well Mystery

The Wishing Well Mystery
A Short Story
Molly McGuire Cozy Mystery 7

A Leprechaun’s Gift, A Town’s Mystery, and a Love Tested to the Core.

In the enchanting coastal Irish town of Dooley, Molly and Liam are getting ready for their wedding when Finn, their leprechaun friend, gives them a well. Not just any old well. A Wishing Well. What could go wrong?

As the town buzzes with excitement, perplexing mysteries unfold. Cats start disappearing from the peaceful neighborhoods of Dooley. Wedding plans get canceled tarnishing their once-idyllic planning process, and Molly's past demons rise to the service.

Aided by their friends and family, they set out to expose the true identity of the cat-napper and why they are being targeted, all while salvaging their dream wedding.

"The Wishing Well Mystery" is a captivating tale of love, resilience, and unearthing secrets that lie beneath the surface of a seemingly perfect town. Will Liam and Molly solve the enigmatic puzzle before their wedding plans become nothing more than shattered dreams? Or will the sinister forces lurking in the shadows remain victorious?

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$1.99 USD | January 26, 2024