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The Wishing Well Mystery

A leprechaun's gift, A town mystery, and a love tested to the core...

In the quaint Irish town of Dooley, Molly and Liam's wedding preparations are in full swing. But when their leprechaun friend Finn gifts them a mysterious Wishing Well, their happy occasion is suddenly plagued by strange occurrences. Cats vanish, wedding plans crumble, and Molly's troubled past resurfaces.


Amid the chaos, the couple enlists the help of their loved ones to unravel the baffling mysteries. But as they delve deeper, they uncover dark secrets lurking beneath the town's picturesque facade. Will they be able to uncover the identity of the cat-napper and save their wedding, or will their plans be destroyed by the sinister forces at play?



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Dublin, Dresses and Murder

Secrets can be deadly…

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Ghost's, Goblins & Murder

Not all book sellers are book worms…

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Shenanigans, Shamrocks and Murder

Molly McGuire keeps finding dead bodies. Is it instinct, intuition, or something else?

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A Very Merry Murder

It's Chrismas time! Garland, mistletoe, and murder?
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Meeting The Parents Can Be Murder

Murder, Mystery, Ghosts and a Leprechaun: A Deadly Combination
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Welcome Home to Murder

First installment of the Molly McGuire Mystery Series. Will she be able to solve the murder before the wrong person is arrested?

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