Cindy Kline
Molly McGuire Cozy Mystery

Shenanigans, Shamrocks and Murder

Shenanigans, Shamrocks and Murder
Molly McGuire Cozy Mysteries - Book 3
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The morning after Molly’s birthday, it’s too early, she’s tired, she’s hung over, and it’s pouring rain. The last thing she wants to do on her way to work is make a stop at Shenanigan’s Pub to pick up the present she got from her niece — a stuffed leprechaun named Finn. Things take a turn for the worse when she finds a body behind the bar. And is Finn really talking to her, or is she going nuts?

Can Molly solve another mystery before more shenanigan's happen?

$2.99 USD | June 28, 2021