Cindy Kline
Molly McGuire Cozy Mystery - Book 4

Ghost's, Goblins & Murder

Ghost's, Goblins & Murder
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Molly is enjoying her quiet life in the small village of Dooley, Ireland. She has a wonderful family, great friends and a hot boyfriend. It’s the end of harvest season and the town is getting ready to celebrate the Harvest Festival at Dooley Castle. There will be games, haunted houses, and fireworks – and a dead body?


Molly wants nothing to do with it, until she finds out DI Elliott, (better known as DI Eejit) is on the case, Molly knows she has to find out who did it before the wrong persons arrested. Or worse – another person ends up dead!


Come and join Molly and her group of Sleuth Slayers as they try to figure out who did it!


$2.99 USD | December 1, 2021