What are you reading?

Mar 11, 2023 by Cindy Kline, in Where to start
Did you know you can go into the Kindle app and it will give you you're "Reading Insights"? It will tell you how many weeks in a row you've read, along with how many days in a row you've read. Not to brag, (okay, maybe a little), I have read for the past 415 days in a row - which is 64 weeks! It also tells you how many books you've read by year. Example, so far in 2023, I've read 28 books. Keep in mind, I read mostly cozy mysteries, which you're all aware they're pretty fast reads. I read very few "standalones", most of these are series.

Series Name                                   Author                                                 Notes                                            
Isle of Wesberrey Mystery               Penelope Cress / Steve Higgs           Series of 8 books, the last is out on 3/31/23 - Modern time
A Deadline Cozy Mystery                 Sonia Parin                                        Series of 15, of which I've read 14 of them - Modern time
Stella & Lyndy Series                       Clara McKenna                                  Series of 4 (so far), done in Edwardian England   
Belinda Penhurst Mystery                 Lisa Cutts                                          Series of 3 (so far), done in modern times           

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