Cindy Kline

Life in 2023

Feb 25, 2023 by Cindy Kline
Good Day to Everyone!
Wow! i can't believe February is almost over. I celebrated a milestone birthday this month! I won't tell you the number, but it's over the half century mark! It was a lovely day spent with my (extended) family, enjoying a decadent lunch at a restaurant in Caledonia, Michigan.

What am I doing now? Glad you asked! I am working on book 6, as well as taking a 6-week course from the phenomenal  YA author Sarra Cannon called "Publish and Thrive". I strongly suggest any writers out there take the course. It's fantastic, and will get you on your way to success. We are also in the planning stages of redesigning our kitchen, which won't take place until this summer, but who knew there were SO MANY OPTIONS! It makes my head spin.

Oh, and did I mention I think I have torn the rotator cuff in my right shoulder? Goes along with that milestone birthday, I guess. As well as tripped down the stairs and hurt my left ankle. It had something to do with a medium sized English Springer Spaniel who is always under my feet, but, I'm convinced it's just a sprain, so am icing it, along with trying to stay off it. At least I have extra time to sit and write!

I hope all of you are having a wonderful beginning of your year, wherever you are! Here - spring can't come soon enough.

Take care!

I hope all of you